Iain Kemplay is the founder and managing director of Kemplay Consulting Limited.

The focus of his career has been licensing, administering and representing music rights, business development and supporting the recognition and respect of music rights. Until late in 2012 he did this at the UK music rights society PRS for Music (www.prsformusic.com), before launching his own company in early 2013.

In recent years he has established and developed his business, securing some key projects, including, with the leading content service provider of inflight entertainment and with a new music publishing initiative for one of the world’s major media sales companies.

While at PRS for Music he set up a new International Licensing department in 2009, with challenging objectives to create rights packages and secure new revenues from outside the EU. This developed to include unique and fascinating projects in the Gulf States (in particular Qatar and the UAE) and the Caribbean islands of Bahamas and Bermuda with national government departments, regulators, media companies and rights owners to raise awareness about music rights and push the development of the structures to support, respect and value creators rights.

Before that he was Head of Broadcast Negotiations at PRS for Music and responsible for leading negotiations for high value agreements with major UK based broadcasters and mobile operators to use music in content across all media platforms and territories. This extended to leading the development and conclusion of industry agreements with PACT (www.pact.co.uk), to support UK independent broadcast content production and sales.

For 5 years until 2011 he served as a Director on the Board of the Educational Recording Agency (www.era.org.uk), which represents the interests of all the major UK broadcasters and talent rights agencies in the licensing of broadcast content to the educational sector.

With substantial experience at senior management and Board level, Iain offers an outstanding package of knowledge, experience, valued contacts, insight and passion about music rights in the UK and internationally.

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