APEX TECH “Fireside”

I was invited by APEX to speak more about the challenges in the provision of music in-flight entertainment (IFE) at APEX TECH on Thursday (5th February) in Los Angeles.

Michael Childers of Lufthansa Systems and an APEX Board Member hosted the “fireside”, which was billed as:

‘Challenging Industry Expectations Through Music Rights Licensing
Music provisioning in IFE has undergone tremendous change and challenges in recent years with damaging legal issues, headset quality, and challenging new licensing terms. Iain Kemplay, a London-based consultant and music rights licensing expert, will discuss why the current provision fails and how a different delivery infrastructure can make better use of technology to more directly engage with passengers and provide a more complete and compelling journey experience’.

It was a great opportunity to speak about the many and considerable hurdles undermining the current provision of music IFE and the passenger experience and to shine a light on the way to move forward.

Music Licensing Expert Proposes Solution to Increase In-Flight Audio Engagement


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