Kemplay Consulting offers substantial experience, knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

International broadcast and digital service provider licensing

The UK and international licensing landscape is increasingly complex, with multiple options and issues to consider and navigate through to establish the most appropriate licensing option for music rights owners and producers, platforms and distributors of content in the broadcast, mobile and online markets.

Additionally, there are licensing hurdles, blind spots of licensing awareness and responsibility, which can lead to licensing gaps causing rights exposure and additional resource and cost to resolve. Further changes and developments are to be expected, driven by the interests of music rights owners, the new service requirements of content producers, national government legislation and EC expectations.

We can lead and/or provide strategic guidance in finalising licensing arrangements from either a music user or rights owner interest.

Inflight entertainment

The creation, delivery and onboard use of music in inflight entertainment has developed hugely in the last ten years from linear boarding music and ‘radio’ style channels to include digital interactive and fully on demand services onboard and increasingly through the whole travel experience via airline websites and Apps.

The multi-territory, multi-party production and delivery to airlines operating global flight services of regularly updated large volumes of music content has proven challenging. In particular the major record labels and music publishers have been in the forefront of developing new licensing solutions which provide better access and licensed use of their rights.

We have unique and industry leading experience of putting music licensing solutions in place to meet the all media, all territory requirements of airlines, content service providers and IFE systems providers in the production, delivery and onboard use of both audio-visual and audio music inflight entertainment.

Music rights and collective rights administration

The interested parties in the community of music rights ownership, from music rights organisations, music publishers, composers/authors, record companies and artists, their flow of rights internationally, revenue lines, interests and expectations.

We can provide understanding, insight and grow confidence for rights owners in the representation of their rights and the flow of revenues.

The Gulf States

Music rights representation in the Gulf States is a developing issue and expectations and requirements are being driven by the rapidly developing media markets of the UAE and Qatar in particular. It is increasingly securing the attention of national government entities, major media companies and local rights owners, and provides an important opportunity to raise awareness on music rights, develop support and respect and value for rights.

We will help in navigating through these issues and realise the opportunities and benefits of either using or owning music rights.



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