Specialist Services

Kemplay Consulting provides a range of specialist services

These are underpinned by strong senior level negotiation and management credentials, including team building and leadership, a creative and collaborative approach to business and good experience of developing trusted partnerships.

Through a first class contacts book across all sectors on the market, we can call on associates with specific industry knowledge, experiences and skills to provide strategic guidance on key issues and be part of a team to work on specific project remits.

Negotiation & licensing broadcast services

Securing appropriate music licensing arrangements in a professional and progressive manner and presenting business solutions and identifying opportunities for UK and EMEA broadcast and online producers and service providers.

This includes guidance through the multiple music licensing options and requirements, developing negotiation strategy, preparing research and analysis of data and markets, leading negotiations to final signed contracts and implementing the licensing administration requirements and processes required under the agreements.

Inflight entertainment

Sourcing music and related assets, putting in place music rights licensing solutions and providing strategic guidance on the use of music in audio and audio-visual content produced for IFE, to support a multi-territory, all media services use requirement.

We are a Vendor member of APEX and have consulted on behalf of a major CSP for a number of years, giving us great knowledge and insight into the IFE market for the provision of music services and with an established list of contacts.

Music services for content producers

Provision of in-house music service support for content producers and particularly those with an international presence. This covers developing a producer’s own music rights interests to be a valued asset and production resource and putting in place better arrangements and processes for licensing in and managing music rights issues in a more effective and efficient manner.

The approach is to both grow incremental revenue and asset value and also reduce the licensing cost and administrative resource used to manage the company’s music rights issues.

Music rights owner market insight

Lifting the lid, providing business insight and developing solutions for music rights owners in the representation, licensing and flow of revenues for their copyrights through direct and music rights organisation licensing agreements, particularly in relation to broadcast and online music content and services. Pro-active research approach and creative and practical development of solutions, often involving challenging long held perceptions and ways of working.

The output is for rights owners to have better knowledge and understanding about how their copyrights are licensed, certainty on the flow and full value of royalties collected and options to better represent their rights going forward.

Developing music rights recognition

Strategic guidance raising awareness of music rights issues in territories lacking music rights support structures and providing insight into the purpose and benefits, development and operation of music rights organisations. Developing the foundation support structures for creating an environment which is supportive to music creators and one which will recognise, respect and value their creativity and their intellectual property.

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